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Wellness Tools

We have provided these wellness tools to aid you in your mental health wellness.  These tools are not a substitute to therapy and you acknowledge that use does not establish a mental health relationship.  

These resources are free but can not be copied, streamed or distributed without expressed written consent.  (do ask - we want to help)


Finding Restoration & Peace Podcast

A mental health podcast for believers and everyone else. You can have both Jesus, friends and therapist.

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Calm App

The Calm App help you improve your health and happiness.  We are honored to be able to offer a 30 day trial for this app,  

Download Calm PDF

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Mental Wellness Blog

One way to protect  your mental health is to find tips and tricks to help  push through and feel more understood.

We invite you to read and subscribe to our blog.


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How to Have Healthy Boundaries 

You’re ready to start creating healthy personal boundaries in your life. Congratulations! This is a big step!  We offer you this eBook and worksheet as you learn to implement boundaries. 



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