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Parenting Resources

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Parenting is hard.  We believe it is one of the hardest jobs.  The fact that there is no one solution that works for everyone complicates matters. Every parent and child is unique. Our resources assist parents in coming up with unique strategies for fostering the growth and development of their kids.


What We Offer

Through this project, Restoration and Peace provides mental health, training, and coaching services to parents 30 years old or younger who are expecting or have children up to 8 years old.


Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling for untreated trauma, life stressors, mental health issues, and other factors that may affect parenting ability. 


Parenting Classes

Parents are taught how to process their own emotions, triggers, and responses to reduce their reactions to parental stress,  parenting concerns, and managing challenging behaviors.  

Being Great Coparents
When You're Not Great Partners

Raising children with another person, be it significant other, ex-partner, mother, father, or grandparents, can be challenging.  This workshop is for all parents who have to raise children with the influence of another adult to learn skills and techniques to have a peaceful parenting existence. 


Tiny Humans, all the feels

It can be frustrating when a child melts down. Not knowing what to do or say also affects us

as parents.  In this 3 week course,  you gain tools for you  to stay calm before addressing their child, grounding exercises to use with your child and several  additional resources to help respond to meltdowns


The Daddy Difference

Do you ever feel alone in your role as a father or find yourself seeking advice on how to be a better father? The Daddy Difference offers men  a male only place to share and gain knowledge from other experiences. 

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