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 Life Coaching

Life Coaching differs from counseling.  Counseling addresses emotional disturbance or specific issue.  Coaching is about personal development that guides us to find their full potential and achieve dreams. 

Restoration & Peace Life Coaching with Tracey Lynn Pearson

In Life Coaching, I work to help you find that authentic place of purpose and joy.   My goal is to help you deepen your understanding  and confidence in who you were created to be  It will help remove fear, doubt, other obstacles that hinder you from moving forward.   


In Life Coaching sessions, I work with you to overcome helpless or powerlessness and realize your dreams. Change is available to anyone who chooses it.  We are designed to adapt and grow.  Together you will realize the power to take the steps and find restoration and peace.   

Coaching sessions are built to help improve:

  • Personal relationships

  • Contentment and peace

  • Overcoming fear, failure, and resentment

  • Examining our true motivations

  • Creating lasting change


Free consultation. 


What is preventing you from starting today?


Coaching Packages

Life Coaching Packages require a commitment to work on an  issue.  It is only for those who are ready to make changes in their lives without excuse.  We offer the following coaching packages.  In addition you may customize a package to fit your unique situation.  Your initial consultation is free. 

Create Your own package
Create Your Own
Coaching Package
Find Your Purpose & Passion
Coaching Package
Coaching Packages
Unstuck - Breaking Free
Coaching Package
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