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Find Peace and Live Free

Find peace and live free

Let’s make today the day you find peace. We can achieve this by seeking peace. Seek peace both inside and outside of yourself. Seek peace outside by letting go of hurts. Forgive others with the same grace you have been forgiven. Holding on to hurts are only hurting you more.

Apologize for wrongs done and leave it at that. You are not responsible for how people see your apology or even if they accept it. Do what you can to make up and move on. Be kind but don’t allow yourself to stay stuck.

Seek peace internally by forgiving yourself. Ask God to forgive you and forgive yourself. Move forward, be better and leave the past in the past.

Finally friends, stop dragging it to your present. Everyone on social media, in your friendship circle, your family and those you work with don’t need to hear it. Stop trying to make and share posts explaining how you were hurt, how you are moving forward, building up yourself, etc. When you do these things, you are only hurting your own peace.

This isn’t the life God wants for you and you don’t have to stay here. Hurts will happen. We will hurt others and we will be hurt. But hurts heal. When we continue to pick at them we extend the pain and discomfort. Take off the bandage, leave it alone, and let it heal.

You weren’t created to hurt. You were created to grow, find peace and live free.

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