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Slow down and stay in your lane

“Slow down and stay in your lane.” These were the words that came to me as I was driving down the street one day. It is one of those weird 2 lane streets in our city where it is one way and both lanes go in the same direction during certain hours. I happen to be traveling during the hours that the street was one way. I was in a hurry to get to my destination and I decided to get into the second lane. As I did I heard the words, “Slow down and stay in your lane”. I sighed verbally but did so. About one block later at the top of a hill, a car sped down the street in the wrong direction. I realized that had I been in that lane there would definitely be an accident as i couldn’t see on the other side. I silently thank God for my

protection, and then proceeded to get in the second lane so that I would reach my destination and time. As I heard the words again slow down and stay in your lane. I moved back into my lane and continued. Approximately three more blocks at the top of another hill, another car sped down the lane. This is when I realized there was a deeper message.

I began to think about the different things that I am doing, pursuing, and desiring in my life. It has been a time of change for me. I’ve taken on many new tasks and there are additional offers to take on more. However I need to sit and reflect on whether all of these things would be for my benefit or not. So often we look at the things that we desire and we go after them. We don’t stop to examine whether they are good for us, whether they will harm us, or whether they will just get in the way of the things we really want or have been called to do.

There is a line in a movie that said, “You can get so caught up with the affairs of life, that you lose the thing you really fell in love with”. What did you start out loving? What gives your life purpose and meaning? Where do you find true joy and contentment? What gives you peace? As I explore these questions, I realize it in all my busyness I have forgotten my first love. I have moved away from taking that quiet time with Jesus in prayer and meditation. My life simply got to busy.

What is your first love? Are you taking the time to nurture that? Are you spending time and your thing that gives you peace? Are you experiencing true joy and contentment? If you are that’s amazing. Do not stop. If you’re not begin to ask yourself these questions. If you still have difficulty finding the answer, consider finding a counselor or life coach to assist you in your journey. Your life doesn’t have to be void of these things.

I hope you find and experience both restoration and peace today and every day.

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