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Overcome today by the blood of the Lamb and the power of your testimony!

On the eve of Resurrection Sunday, I find myself in an interesting state. The last few weeks have been tough and challenging. As I look back on the choices I made, things I said and thought, I realize I have missed the mark several times. I can't really offer an excuse because I don't think i really have one. The reality is that I can see several opportunities God gave me to rise a level in my faith, love for others and trust in Him. I chose to stay where I am.

This led to me journaling about outcomes. Today more that others, I am very aware of my failures, insecurities, inadequacy, issues and problems. On my own I am nothing. I can do nothing. While many people may find this saddening or argue that there is a reasons for why, I am grateful.

I'm grateful because I know correction comes from love. We correct those we love. God loves me, therefore, He doesn't leave me here to manage on my own. There is an old song that says, "I know it was the blood, I know it was the blood, I know it was the blood for me. One day when I was lost, He died upon the cross and I know it was the blood for me."

I was lost. I was managing on my own without His guidance and assistance, and I don't have to be. He found me! It is when I remember this that I gain the faith to overcome. So although it may feel dark, I can still praise! Jesus has overcome the world, and I can also overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony. I encourage you to overcome whatever situation you find yourself in. Claim, plead, apply that blood that was shed for you. Repent from your err, share it with someone. Overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the power of your testimony.

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