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Use Me As YOU See Fit

Lord, You may use me however You choose. I trust You.

Jesus, I can’t believe I am just now viewing my life this way. Yes I have given myself to You in the past. I guess that was the best way I knew how at the time. Today however it is clearer in a different kind of way.

I love how You give me lessons in my daily activities. Today was our church garage sale. I bought a few pieces for the living room. They were clearly identified as living room or kitchen pieces but I wanted to use them in my bedroom. I literally said out loud, “Its mine, I can do with it whatever I want!” Just then how clear everything became. I am yours. You can put me in the bedroom or kitchen. You can use me to share my testimony or just pray. The furniture did not argue or specify or have an opinion on how it should be used, why do I? Am I just now getting to a place where you can use me without my opinion all over it?

The pieces happen to look fantastic in the areas I placed them. As it turned out, I knew best. Now when it comes to my life Lord, I know I need to let you place me in just the right area, I know it will be perfect. What’s that Lord, a little to the right? Yes my Lord. I love You! I trust You.

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