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Cease & Desist

Lord, I have never been one to rest. OK I can hear you laughing at me. God you and I know that even when I am sleeping I am thinking about things. I would guess that 75% of my dreams are even about things I need to do, things I should have done differently and need to fix and things I want to do but know I won’t find time. How exhausting, especially when I calculate that in my mind with my “awake” restlessness.

However I have recently had an epiphany watching a television drama. There was a young man desperately in love with a woman. The narrator described it as he was determined to make her his. He couldn’t accept no, and as many times as she politely and not so politely told him to get lost, he kept coming back. He approached her as if nothing was said. It appeared like stalking to me, but oh well.

On one occasion the sheriff in this town stopped him. He explained how he couldn’t continue. As the sheriff spoke, the man just kept pushing. She is meant for me. Finally, he was issued cease and desist papers. Then he got it and so did I. My issue Lord, is a lot like that sad little man in the show. I keep going with my stuff, what I want to do, my plans, etc. In Genesis 1-2, You describe Your creation of the world and mankind. Each day You completed something and paused to notice it was good. On the 7th day, You ceased from Your own works. Now what is wrong with me? I hear you saying, Cease & desist my daughter! Cease and desist my love.

Thank you Lord, for showing me how to just STOP! Even as I write this Lord, I find my breath. I praise You for loving me so completely, so passionately and so perfectly. Glory to Your Name. The only name – JESUS.

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