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Secure in Christ

6 Week Group. Only 8 spots per group

Taught by Minister Tracey Lynn Pearson, MSW, LMHP

February 1, 2020 -- March 7, 2020

Insecurities show up for us all like worry.  We often say to others we are blessed. We know God has covered and protect us, yet we worry that we will somehow mess it up.  When these insecurities take hold of us, it often stops us from going forward and doing that thing we dream of or that God is leading us to do.  You know what I mean that thing that will bring you joy and peace.  

Sometimes it’s the opposite.  We are bold and strong. We understand our dopeness! We are working to make things happen.  Partially because is all on us.  Yet we feel frustrated because we see people doing things like we feel we should.  We just can’t get there because of people, circumstances, obstacles.    

As a believer either extreme can be a problem and can seriously mess with our peace. How do we keep our esteem in Christ in a world that is constantly pulling us in either direction. 

Secure in Christ is a counseling group for people working to find the boldness of our King with the humility of our Savior. This 12 week group will occur on Saturdays from 9AM-10:30AM.  The cost is $180 and payments are accepted.  For a payment plan contact Tracey at 402-979-6060.

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