How much is therapy?


While some therapists will charge as much as $250 per hour, the average 45 to 50-minute session costs between $75 and $120.
As clinicians, we want to help those who cannot afford traditional therapy fees, and so we enrolled with Open Path. We are thrilled to help people in this manner. One of the biggest barriers to mental health treatment is affordability for those who don't have insurance.
We also need to earn a living wage. We have set prime therapy hours (Tracey 4 p.m. through 7 p.m.), (Arianna 12 p.m. through 4 p.m.) and we reserve those for full pay or insurance based clients. We set a limit of a total of 5 Open Path clients per week for each of us. 

We also offer Open Path clients a rate of $60. Our standard rates are $120 per hour (which is on the low end for Omaha, NE).  With Open Path, clients receive a 50% discount, that hopefully works within their budget. We don't get involved in making people prove income. 

Prospective clients interested in our sliding scale should sign up on Open Path. It is a non profit that allows us to offer the reduced rate.  Anyone interested will have to pay the initial $59 fee to keep the website going, but will also have access to all of the therapists for their lifetime. Go online at Open Path and sign up. 

You can access our practice guidelines, informed consent, and cancellation policies here

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