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Christ Centered Parenting©


Do you sometimes wish you had a book that had all the answers for perfect parenting? Christ Centered Parenting© is designed as a In depth study of what God says about parenting. It teaches how to model, intercede, teach and enforce God's will for our children. In other words to raise them to serve the Lord not just behave appropriately.


The class is $100 per person which covers the cost of your workbook and includes a biblical assessment and behavior plan for a problem behavior that occurs in the next year. 


Christ Esteemed

This 12 week therapy group is led by Minister Tracey Lynn Pearson, Licensed Clinical Christian Therapist   The group focuses on being who we are in Christ and being at peace.  Support and resources provided for knowing that in Christ we are complete once we are esteemed in Him, we are happy and content. 

Cost: $300 for the entire series. 

Group size will be limited to 12 participants, and no participants will be added after the 2nd session.

For further information or to register for the group, please contact Tracey Lynn Pearson by email at tpearson@restorationandpeace.net.

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