Michael T. Moten, ORDP

Pastor Michael Moten

Bishop Moten believes our world has needs to which Jesus wants to minister. God simply needs willing vessels to carry His message of truth, love, and hope to those who seem to be in the most need, but are somehow forgotten.  The mission of his church One Way Ministry has always been to preach the Gospel and reach souls for Christ and that those who already believe know and experience the fullness of the truth.  Bishop Moten’s approach has been to go to the people as opposed to sitting in a building with stained glass windows and see if people come to us.  On one occasion going meant flying to Ghana, West Africa.  At that point One Way Ministry National Community Outreach, Inc. became international. He has since been assigned to go to Kenya where we found churches also receptive to the fullness of the Jesus experience. Since that time, Bishop Moten continue to press forward in an effort to see souls saved; preaching truth and the fullness of it.  His personal efforts are to bring entire fellowships into the full counsel of God.  Bishop Moten provides coaching and support to pastors, ministers and teachers.  He also offers individual, pre and post marital and family counseling

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